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BLUE CAP is a new line of dermatological products, commercialized in three different presentations: SPRAY, CREAM and SHAMPOO.

BLUE CAP SPRAY was created for the daily hygiene of skins with a tendency to various types of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and atypical eczema. It relieves itching and it eliminates the desquamation of the skin and the scalp, improving their general look. The product has a high antibacterial action, mainly against the pityrosporum.

BLUE CAP CREAM, due to its high moisturizing power, is recommended in cases of very dry and chapped skin. It is very effective to soothe skin areas presenting a “sowed field” form.- $25.00 for 50gr

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BLUE CAP SHAMPOO is indicated for the care of the scalp affected by dandruff or seborrhea. In the case of dandruff, the product relieves itching and reduces desquamation. It moisturizes the skin in a natural way and it eliminates the excess of fat, cleaning at the same time all affected areas. BLUE CAP SHAMPOO normalizes the activity of the scalp cells and has a positive influence on hair growth.$25.00 150ml / $40.00 400ml

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The wide spectrum of positive effects of BLUE CAP products is based on the specific properties of a new formulation of Zinc pyrithione, which exerts a high antibacterial and antifungal action against a series of pathogenic microorganisms (streptococcus, staphylococcus). Due to its anti proliferative cytostatic action, BLUE CAP is specially effective against the pityrosporum ovale and the pityrosporum orbiculare, acting both on the surface and inside the corneas layer. BLUE CAP stabilizes the enzymes and produces a considerable improvement in the cellular membranes. In the recommended concentrations, BLUE CAP does not have side effects on the healthy cells of the skin.


  • Total absence of corticosteroides and cytostatics.
  • Effectiveness and quick action.
  • High moisturizing power, penetrating well into the deepest layers of the dermis.
  • Absence of side effects, being all products harmless even when used during long periods of time.


The period of application is approximately one month. It is recommended to continue the treatment during one additional week after the symptoms have disappeared. The first results are visible after one week of application. Generally, the affected areas improve and remain clean after 14 – 20 days. Even if the results are positive in less time, it is recommended to always complete the treatment. In this way, more stable and effective results can be achieved in the long run.


The time of application is generally two weeks, although positive and long-lasting results that can be seen very quickly. In recurrent cases, a new application of BLUE CAP guarantees favorable results. For dry seborrhea, a mixed treatment with the application of SPRAY and SHAMPOO is recommended. For fatty seborrhea, the application of the SHAMPOO three times a week is enough to clean the affected areas.


The results are visible between the second and the fourth week of application. BLUE CAP must be used until the total disappearance of symptoms. For this reason, the duration of the treatment depends on the degree on the skin affection.


Depending on the degree of the affection, BLUE CAP must be applied during one or two weeks. Given the antiinflammatory and antimicrobial character of BLUE CAP, itching disappears almost immediately after the product has been applied.

BLUE CAP is also indicated as a treatment for painful lichen, skin redness, contact dermatitis, desquamation, dandruff, itching and irritation of the skin. In all these cases, it is recommended to use BLUE CAP until the disappearance of all painful and visible symptoms of the skin. The time of treatment depends on the degree and type of the affection.

The virtual absence of side effects allows the use of all BLUE CAP products by any type of patients, including children, during all time needed.

Clinical Studies Show The Following Results

Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis

at the beginning

after 3 days


at the beginning

after 3 weeks

Serious exudative form of Psoriaris

at the beginning

after 3 weeks